Saturday, 19 July 2008

Near miss...

I've just had an absolute heart in mouth moment with Meeka-
I was in the kitchen pouring a coffee, Michelle was just folding up the clothes after reloading the washing machine - I heard a funny noise -It sounded just like a very high pitched raccoon call , coming from the corner of the kitchen. The first thought that entered my head was "Oh My God Meeka is in the Bloody washing machine."
I shouted Michelle, who looked bemused and said "Nah, she can't possibly be in there" and went to look for her in the conservatory -
I wasn't convinced, so went to the machine and turned it off - sure enough I saw a little black nose poke through from the back of the machine - The cycle had only just started so she'd been sprayed with a little cold water and spun slowly round once or twice, The door has a time look, that will not let you open until two minutes after it has stopped - that was an agonising two minutes, Meeka was obviously distressed and was calling me - as soon as the door unlocked she dived out, a bit stressed out but non the worse for wear after her experience.

I hate to think what could have happened if I had not chose that moment to make a coffee - Michelle is beside herself at the moment - she had only turned her back for a second to get the washing tablets to put in the machine and Meeka jumped in...

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